How does your service offering work exactly?

First, we will create a 3D room model based on your information - if applicable. After that, we virtually furnish the room with the products you have selected. Following your design concept. If you would like, we can also have a second look at your concept. Together we can develop your initial ideas into a workable design. Some clients prefer to outsource the entire process. They use our experience and expertise to develop the interior design and fitted furniture concept. Other clients deliver their detailed finished concept. We will do whatever you wish and what is best for your project.

What do you need to get started?

If it is, for example, a space plan job. All you need is access to a computer or tablet, a measuring tape and a phone with a camera. We need to know what furniture* you would like to use, and which rooms you would like to have visualised. Some information about your clients and their ideas are always helpful. Once your information has been received, we discuss all the details by email, phone or video communication (Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangout etc.) and we get started.

*We work since many years, with leading international furniture brands - as listed on this website. We have thousands of furniture and lighting models in our database. Combined with countless textures the possibilities are endless.

What can we expect?

We visualise any type of project. Interior design, space-plan concepts, high-end kitchens or fitted furniture solutions. Residential or commercial - small and large. From quick mockup to elaborate presentations. We work primarily with furniture models of leading international brands - as listed on this website. Most projects presentations are created as multipage PDF documents in A3 or in an even larger format. Render photos are mostly requested as jpg images. But tell us your specific requirements and we will tailor a solution package for you.

For delivery, we use cloud-based services. You can access the design documents 24/7 on any device. On tablets, big TV screens or download and print the concepts. Most projects are accompanied by telephone, video chat and email support. For many clients, we are the design office next door. A personal relationship is very important to us and ensures an exceptionally high success rate of our concepts.
Typically, each room will be presented as a 3D floor plan and several 3D room images, showing all the relevant details. To ensure your interior design story comes across in the best possible way.

How much does it cost?

Check out the services and pricing info on this web-site. If you are not sure about something, please get in touch for free advice.
For large projects we will calculate a detailed quote for you. Most services are “pay as you go”. No long term contracts. You can change how we work for you at any time.
Please contact us for details and rates.
[email protected]
Telefon +44 (0)20 33719177

How long do you need for a design concept?

The lead-time for a single room design concept such as dining, living, sleeping, or a fitted furniture visualisation can be as little as 5 working days. Larger projects may take longer and are subject to approval. Express project processing is available on request.

What if my clients and I are not happy with the result?

From the word “GO” we are working very closely with you to ensure the concepts and the final presentations are spot on. If we got something wrong (can happen) you will let us know and we change and modify the visuals until everyone is happy. We never stop.

Are you doing VR ready renderings or other drawing styles as well?

If you don't find on our website what you have in mind, just get in touch. Let us know your requirements and we discuss the possibilities.

What software and hardware do you use?

Interesting question. Apart from pen and paper almost all our 3D models are initially made in SketchUp™ with a big “toolbox” of plugins and render solutions and other software suites for image editing. We combine the latest technology with traditional craftsmanship to achieve the best possible experience at an affordable price. We prefer to work primarily on Mac® computer. Desktop and tablet devices. If you are interested in learning SketchUp, Rein is offering SketchUp for Interior Design workshops in London and online.

Where are the visuals made?

#3Dinteriordesigner is based in Surbiton, Greater London, and most of the work is done here locally, since 2007. If your business or Interior design studio is in the London area, it would be great to meet you and your team personally.

Who else uses your services?

We are the creative backend for many well-known boutique furniture brands - right around the globe. Our clients are primarily mono-brand furniture stores in multiple countries, specialist interior design boutiques and property developers. Occasionally we are also working for the media industry. We also work for premium kitchen studios and niche furniture makers. We work for well-established companies and startups.
Our services are of high quality and useful for companies of all sizes - and wherever they are in the world. Many clients book our services regularly and for many years.